Andrea Beça - Creator & Host of That's So Maven!

Hello! I'm Andrea Beça (pronounced "Bes-suh"), and I'm professional storyteller specializing in words, filmmaking, and photography. Based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, I have a BA in English and Creative Writing from the University of Alberta and a Master's in Playwriting and Script Development from the University of Glasgow. After using my storytelling skills in a variety of fields - from communications to science to advertising and more - I launched my own business in the fall of 2015, and I've never looked back. I've also been running my indie film company, Kissing Habit Films, since 2013.

Being an entrepreneur - and a femme-identifying entrepreneur - can be a very isolating thing. If you're like me, you work alone the majority of the time. It's hard to find people who understand your life - from scheduling to financial stress, and the unique responsibility of having a business (and your entire livelihood) on your own shoulders. And, depending on the industry you work in, you may face a lot of sexism, both systemic and day-to-day. (Well, we all face systemic sexism every single day - among many other systemic issues like racism and homophobia and beyond - but how much an individual experiences and feels that in their daily life depends on many different factors.)

I created this podcast to create a network of support. A place where we can talk about business, life as an entrepreneur, and life as a femme. A place to be open, real, and vulnerable. A place where we can celebrate huge successes and the huge failures that got us there. A place to embrace diversity and inclusivity. A place without judgement or hate of any kind, where collaboration over competition is to go-to, every single time.

My ultimate goal is to have guests on the show from all corners of the world, from all industries, of all races and religions and gender identities, at a variety of points in their careers. I think what we've got so far is an incredible and inspiring start. And I'm always excited to meet new people and keep the network expanding further and further.

Thanks for being here. Thanks for listening. We are stronger together. Let's keep lifting each other up.

Found via via soirart.tumblr.

Found via via soirart.tumblr.