We're Getting into the Holiday Spirit...

...Which in this case means we're going to take a bit of a rest! 

After next week's Episode 26, featuring Katie Stamm of 3 Leaf Wellness, we are going to take a couple weeks off our regular schedule to give ourselves time to spend the holidays with our friends and families and maybe even get a little extra sleep (you know, that thing that's so elusive to us entrepreneurs)!


There's a special episode coming out during that break that we need YOUR help with first!

That's right, now is your chance to ask Lauren and Andrea anything you want for a very special Q&A episode of That's So Maven! Whether you're looking for advice or you want to know more about our businesses or the podcast itself, we're here to chat. 

You can send in your questions via social media, or you can email them to us at yegmavens@gmail.com. (If you email, please specify if you'd like to remain anonymous or not.) 

We're recording on December 6, so you've got one week to get your questions in! We can't wait to hear them. 

We'll be back to our regularly scheduled weekly episodes on January 10th! Don't forget to subscribe on iTunes or Google Play so you never miss a beat. 


Andrea & Lauren