Episode 24: Sylvia Cheverie

This week, we sat down with Sylvia Cheverie, who opened Chartier, a French restaurant in Beaumont, Alberta, with her husband Darren and the help of a whole lot of friends...on Kickstarter! As they near their one-year anniversary, Chartier is one of the foodie hotspots in the Edmonton area - if you haven't already, stop by ASAP.

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Thank you so much for tuning in! Next week, we're shifting gears from good eats to good times as we sit down with Jennifer Bergman of Jennifer Bergman Weddings (and Events). 

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Lauren & Andrea

An addendum to Sylvia's interview, March 2017:

Recently, Sylvia got in touch with me and mentioned that she felt she had given the wrong advice in her episode of That's So Maven! She asked if she could share new advice, which of course I accepted! One of the beautiful things about being an entrepreneur, I think, is how quickly and how much you learn about yourself. It's an enriching process, and I'm humbled and glad that Sylvia reached out to expand upon her thoughts and share her experiences with us. 

Here's what she had to say:

"My last piece of advice was something like, "do it because you love it, not because it'll make you rich"....kind of a no brainer in a way, and something that any true entrepreneur comes by naturally. And maybe something we take too far sometimes and undervalue ourselves with.
My new advice: your self worth is not tied to your business. If your business fails, you are not a failure. You are first and foremost a woman, and secondly a woman in business.
I struggle with this, as it can take one bad review or a slow month at the restaurant to spiral me into a place of negativity, self doubt and "failure." Remember: having a failure or fault in your business doesn't make you a bad person, a bad mom, wife or friend. You can still be an amazing human being with a less than amazing business, they are not the same thing. Conversely, you can be a terrible human being with a thriving business...though I like to think karma will catch up one day! ;)"

Huge thanks to Sylvia for speaking up and sharing even more important wisdom with us! - Andrea