Episode 27: A Holiday Wrap-Up

This week, we took a few minutes to talk about 2016, how the year has been for each of us and our businesses, and what's coming up in the New Year. (Hint: we're gonna keep talking to amazing women every week, and we've got other fun plans up our sleeves, too!)

Side note: We were going to do a Q & A, but it's a busy season for everyone and we didn't get enough questions to do a whole episode. So if you asked one, we're saving it, and if you didn't, start brainstorming now for our future Q & A! 

Listen to our chat here:

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Thank you so much to everyone who has listened to and supported That's So Maven!, and to all of our incredible, inspiring guests. None of this would be possible without you!

We're taking a little holiday break now, but we'll be back in action with our first episode of 2017 on Tuesday, January 10

See you then!

Andrea & Lauren