Episode 7: Lauren Dary

This week is different than most! Our guest this week is none other than our very own Lauren Dary, the keen eye behind L Photography

It was a great experience to interview Lauren, because A) she's my friend and I always want to learn more about her, B) I think she has an incredible talent and I want everyone to know about it, and C) she doesn't shy away from real talk and real life. From confronting challenging topics like self love and miscarriage in her creative work to opening up and being vulnerable about running a business and being a mom of two young boys (like, seriously young, people - one of them is basically fresh out of the womb), Lauren's kind of a warrior, and I love and admire her for it. I'm so glad she's a part of my life, and I'm so glad she's on this podcasting journey with me, because we need more raw, real conversation happening, all the time. (Side note: this article is an important read.)

Listen to our chat here:

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Thank you so much for tuning in. We are blown away and so grateful for you wonderful people who listen to the podcast every single week - and to those of you who only get a chance to listen in every once in a while! Andrea's interview will come out in a few weeks, but for now, we turn the spotlight back to you. Next week's guest is Kathy Butkovic, who has a job we didn't know existed until she came along...tune in to hear more!

See you next week!

Andrea & Lauren