Episode 11: Andrea Beça

This week is part two of putting one another in the hot seat. It was my turn to be interviewed (Hi, it's me Andrea! I prep our blog posts every week!) and I have to admit, I was a little nervous. I'm still pretty new at full-time freelance, though it's something I've been doing on the side for so many years. 

When I asked Lauren to contribute her thoughts on my interview (because it seemed weird to write about myself in the third person), her response made me tear up:

I am so happy that we had so many requests asking us to interview each other for this podcast we are doing. Sitting down with Andrea for her interview was not only super fun for me, but incredibly informative and inspiring. This woman is truly something special. From knowing what she wanted to do since she was six years old, to starting her own indie theatre company at 19, to an undergrad in English lit and creative writing and a masters in playwriting in Glasgow - she has been following her passions and staying true to them. She wears MANY hats in her freelance business and is somehow able to successfully navigate them in her everyday life. Oh, and did I mention she is also a Zumba teacher?! Seriously, this chick is cool. I could talk to Andrea about her many, many skills as a freelancer for hours. I don’t know how we were able to keep it under 30 minutes. I’m so happy you all get this glimpse into Andrea’s world. She is a truly amazing human being who I feel lucky to know.
— Lauren Dary

Ahem. I am speechless. Thank you, Lauren. 

Listen to our chat here:

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Thank you for tuning in! Hopefully you've enjoyed getting to know more about Lauren and I, and hopefully you're eager to hear more from Edmonton's amazing female entrepreneurs! Next week, we'll be chatting with transformational business coach Marissa Loewen. She's gonna blow your mind - she definitely blew ours! 

See you next week!

Andrea & Lauren