Episode 74: A Deep Dive into Opening Bricks and Mortar and Crowdsourcing with Sylvia Cheverie

This week, I sat down for a second time with Sylvia Cheverie, co-owner of Chartier, to talk about using crowdsourcing as market research for opening a business, and about the many intricacies of opening a bricks and mortar business. (Check out Sylvia's first interview from last year here!)

It was an open and honest conversation (financing isn't easy and unexpected costs always arise!) and I hope it's helpful for anyone out there who is looking to open a physical shop, restaurant, cafe, etc.!

Listen to our chat here:

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Thank you so much for tuning in to this episode of That's So Maven! Next week, we'll be meeting someone whose career is centred on something that scares so many of us: public speaking! Tune in to meet Alyson Connolly

See you next week!