Episode 46: Andrea Peyton

This week, I shifted gears slightly and sat down for a conversation with Andrea Peyton, founder of WeeHelp Foundation. As you'll hear on the episode itself, I've really come to realize throughout the last year of interviewing entrepreneurs that there are a lot of people who share similar duties, responsibilities, and struggles that entrepreneurs do without necessarily holding the official title of "Entrepreneur." For that reason, I decided to expand upon the reach of That's So Maven!, to incorporate female entrepreneurs and leaders, and Andrea came instantly to mind. 

I want to always be growing, and always be expanding upon the network of women supporting women, both in our local community and worldwide. Let's always lift one another up. Reach out and help someone. Collaborate - don't compete. When we truly embrace that mindset, we can truly succeed. 

Listen to my chat with Andrea here:

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Thank you so much for tuning in! Next week, we'll be talking makeup, special effects, and making monsters with makeup artist Gaylynne Fell, owner of The Makeup Art Space

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