Episode 50: Caramia Caramels

This week, I sat down with Tammy Lok, one half of the team (with BFF and sister-in-law Alysia Lok) behind Caramia Caramels, a fairly new and very sweet company from here in Edmonton that started out of a desire to recreate a delicious treat from Paris. 

Listen to our chat here:

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This is something I hear a lot from my clients: "I HATE watching myself on video, but I love this! You made me look so good!" To be honest, I don't think it has anything to do with lighting and camera angles; it's all about shaping your story to capture your passion and represent who you are. I love getting to know each and every person I work with, and I take pride in helping to tell every story I get to be a part of. When I hear that my clients love watching their videos, I feel like I've done my job well. 

This is what sets me apart from a lot of other film production and videography companies. With 15 years of writing, directing, and producing experience, I've spent my life shaping and telling stories. It's not about hitting record and then throwing your video up on YouTube; it's about showing the world who you are through thoughtfully shot video and careful editing. 

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Thank you so much for tuning in to this episode of That's So Maven! Next week, we're talking about the music industry with Valeeshia Young, who just launched her company, Hello Valeeshia, a month ago! 

See you next week!