Episode 56: Maggie Barton Baird

This week, I sat down with Maggie Barton Baird, self-proclaimed Theatre Kid turned event and wedding planner at MB&Company. Maggie's really open about being a feminist in the wedding industry and we had a great conversation about, well, starting and having the conversation about how the industry can feel exclusionary, and how important it is to create safe space in the industry to allow and encourage everyone to be who they are and do what feels right for them on their big day.

Listen to our chat here:

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As you may have already heard (if you've already hit play on Episode 56), I have some super exciting news to share with you all. I am honoured and absolutely thrilled to share that That's So Maven! is part of the Alberta Podcast Network, powered by ATB.

This is a huge opportunity for the show to reach a lot more listeners, and it's a great way for podcasts in the province to support one another, too. This is just the first wave of podcasts (there are 10 of us so far), and everything is brand new, so make sure you stay tuned to the network's website and social media in the coming weeks to learn more! I want to personally send a huge thank you to ATB for being such a strong part of the community in Edmonton and Alberta. This support is a big deal to relatively little podcasts like mine, and it means the world! 

Next week, I'll be chatting with Alexis Hillyard, who has been building an incredible community of support, body positivity, inclusion, love, and damn delicious vegan and gluten-free eats with her YouTube channel, Stump Kitchen!

See you next week!