Episode 61: German Villegas

This week is another special episode and includes another venture off the "usual" here at That's So Maven! - we've got a man on the show! I sat down with German Villegas, youth mental health worker, masculinity researcher, and host of The Modern Manhood Podcast. I thought it would be really interesting to chat with German about his journey to starting the podcast and explore how things like gender stereotypes and inequality hurt everyone. 


Listen to our chat here:

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Thank you so much for tuning in to this second special episode of the show. If you enjoyed my deep dive into why I started the show, and this week's conversation with German, let me know! I'd like to develop more episodes like this as time moves forward, but I want to know that you, the amazing listeners of That's So Maven!, are into it.

Next week, we're exploring the connections between culture and business as I chat with Jacquelyn Cardinal, co-owner of Naheyawin, which focuses deeply on modern indigeneity in business and relationships between businesses and organizations.

See you next week!