Episode 82: The Nook Cafe

This week, I sat down with Lynsae and Marnie, the mother-daughter duo behind The Nook Cafe, a cozy new spot bringing accessibility and inclusivity to the heart of Edmonton. I've had siblings on the show, as well as many guests who run businesses with their partners, but it was super cool to have my first interview with a mother and daughter who work together!

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Photo provided by The Nook Cafe

Photo provided by The Nook Cafe

Note: The above shots were taken during filming for my upcoming documentary web series pilot, featuring past guest Alexis Hillyard! Learn more HERE

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All photography by Andrea Beça unless otherwise noted.

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Thanks so much for tuning in! Next week, we're taking a deep dive into mental health and entrepreneurship with Nicole Perry - Feminist Counsellor Edmonton! This one's such an important topic to discuss, so make sure not to miss it!

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