Episode 84: Mandy Balak

This week, I sat down with Mandy Balak, founder of It's Date Night and The Ace Class, with whom I have been working to bring fantastic events like Babes Who Brunch to Edmonton. From the time she had a lemonade stand, Mandy knew she wanted to be a CEO, but she didn't necessarily think she'd be CEO of her own company...now she runs two businesses from her home base in Calgary - one of which is quickly spreading across the country!


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Photo by Stephanie Landry

Photo by Stephanie Landry

Photo by Anastasiia Fursa

Photo by Anastasiia Fursa

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Thanks as always for tuning into the show this week! Next week, we'll meet Lorna Mutegyeki of Msichana, a clothing line and global village of women coming together to build bridges across the world: sharing cultures and building self-sustaining local communities.

See you next week!