Episode 85: Lorna Mutegyeki

This week, I sat down with Lorna Mutegyeki, owner and designer at Msichana, a stunning and unique line of clothing designed here in Edmonton and made to measure in Uganda. The word "msichana" means “young woman” in Swahili, a language dating back to the 18th century that was born of blended cultures including Africans, Arabs, and Europeans and is used in different countries across Africa to this day. I was deeply inspired by Lorna's business model, and by everything she shared with me during our conversation - I only wish we could have chatted for longer!

Lorna 1.jpg

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Above quartet of photos taken from Msichana's Instagram page.

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Photography by Andrea Beça unless otherwise noted. 

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Just in case you missed the news, there will be no new episode of That's So Maven! next week as I am taking a week off to enjoy a vacation with my partner. When I return, the podcast is shifting its publication schedule from weekly to biweekly episodes to allow me (Andrea Beça, your host and creator of the show) more time to focus in on my own business. I'll make sure to remind you when new episodes are coming out, but you should also subscribe on iTunes and Google Play so you don't miss a beat, because there are many, many more amazing interviews yet to come!

Our next episode, coming out on Tuesday, March 6, features Esther Duval Hempel, owner and creator at DUVAL, a handmade leather bag and accessory company based in Edmonton, Alberta. 

See you in a couple weeks!