Episode 96: A Deep Dive into Mental Health and WABIY with Blake Loates

This week, I sat down with my dear friend Blake Loates to have a no-holds-barred conversation about...well, a lot of things! Mental health, entrepreneurship, collaboration over competition, making big decisions to build a better life, and so much more. 


We also talked a lot about We All Believe In You. (More on that in a second...)

Listen to our chat here:

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All photography by Andrea Beça.

Now, let's talk about We All Believe In You (WABIY) for a second, because I have pitched to Telus STORYHIVE to make a 20-minute documentary about Blake and WABIY. But in order to make it happen, we also need YOUR help.

We need you to go to STORYHIVE.COM every day from July 30 to August 2 to vote for We All Believe In You to help us win the funding we need to make this documentary a reality. The winning projects will be announced later in August, and I am so, so hopeful that our project will be one of them! 

Thank yo so much for your support of this project. You can also follow We All Believe In You - The Documentary on Facebook and Instagram for updates, behind the scenes, and voting reminders!

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Thank you so much for tuning in to the show this week. I'm still working on lining up our next guest, so stay tuned to the podcast's social media channels for the announcement at a later date!

See you in a couple weeks!