Episode 97: Andrea Beça, Two Years Later

Yes, it's true - after two years, I, Andrea Beça, am back in the hot seat to talk about my own business. In just two years, so much has changed about what I do, from the services I offer to the boundaries I set, the way I build my schedule, what I'm striving for, and beyond. I thought it would be really cool (and hopefully useful and educational) to talk about how business evolves, and what I've learned along the way. 


And who better to pull in as my special co-host for this episode than past guest and founder of the Alberta Podcast Network, Karen Unland?

Listen to our chat here:

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All photos by Jillian Schecher.

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Thank you so much for tuning in to the show this week. The next episode is a special one, but that's all I'm saying for now!

See you in a couple weeks!